Justin Bieber ‘pushed’ to drop Scooter Braun after behind the scene antics


Justin Bieber is reportedly in the process of splitting professionally from longtime manager, Scooter Braun after 16 years.

Previously, insiders dished to People Magazine that while the musician is “still managed” by Braun, the two have not spoken to each other for almost a year. Moreover, Braun is “not doing anything” for Bieber as he works on new music after a long break.

Amid these reports, many fans have speculated that the Bieber had been overworked by Braun causing him to break down and even ‘pushed to the point of facial paralysis.’

“Scooter always overworks his clients, squeezing in as many shows as he can,” one fan on reddit said of the exhaustive touring schedules.

Ariana Grande has confirmed to have parted ways from Braun after 10 years among many other of his A-list clients including Demi Lovato and Idina Menzel.

The fan pointed out that the Thank U, Next singer was “on the verge of a PTSD-induced breakdown” but Braun “kept adding festival dates onto her already packed tour schedule. She’s spoken about how she’s lost many of her memories from 2013-2015 because of her insane promo/tour schedule all over the world.”

Noting the controversial talent manager’s insensitivity to his clients, the commentator added, “I cannot overstate how little this man gives af.”

Justin Bieber ‘pushed’ to drop Scooter Braun after behind the scene antics

He continued, “He had people regularly checking on Bieber while he was sleeping to make sure he hadn’t OD’d during his Purpose Tour and still continues to overwork his clients. And still continues to do regular podcast/YouTube interviews touting his own values, goodness, compassion etc lol.”

More fans accused Braun of making the musician miserable because he never treated him like a human. One fan wrote on reddit that the Baby hitmaker should change management because Scooter has been treating him like a ‘workhorse.’

“I think Justin has his issues, but I genuinely believe most of them stem from the fact that he doesn’t seem to have much autonomy when it comes to his work environment. He’s pushed to the point of facial paralysis,” they wrote.

Meanwhile, another agreed to the same, “I think that he needs to stop touring. It seems like it’s torture for him. His team always try to get him to do these insane tours that wreak havoc on his mental health. He could still do so many things that would scratch that creativity itch.”


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