Kalki Koechlin recalls people trolling her for being pregnant out of wedlock | Bollywood


Actor Kalki Koechlin in a recent interview addressed people trolling her during her pregnancy. She gave birth to her daughter in 2020. Recalling how people questioned her for being pregnant without being married, she called it a ‘conscious decision’ between her and her partner to not get married. Also read: Kalki Koechlin says ex-husband Anurag Kashyap taught her Hindi swear words

Kalki Koechlin with her boyfriend Guy Hershberg and daughter Sappho in a family photo.
Kalki Koechlin with her boyfriend Guy Hershberg and daughter Sappho in a family photo.

Kalki Koechlin

Kalki was married to filmmaker Anurag Kashyap. After tying the knot in 2011, the couple parted ways in 2015. Later, she and her Israeli boyfriend Guy Hershberg welcomed a daughter in February 2020. They named her Sappho.

Kalki Koechlin on trolls

During a recent interview, Kalki was asked about trolling during her pregnancy as the interviewers reminded her about people questioning the father of her child. Kalki, acknowledging the phase, told Mashable, “Ya, not being married. Because I was already divorced, he was like I am not interested in marriage. We just took a conscious decision not to marry. But, we were living together.”

Kalki Koechlin and her boyfriend

Kalki Koechlin first met Guy Hershberg at a petrol station on the way to the Dead Sea. While Kalki is of French origin and was born and raised in India, Guy is Jew with Russian and Polish roots. Talking about the two co-existing with each other’s culture, Kalki had once revealed on social media, “He got me to eat middle-eastern salad for breakfast, I got him to eat three regular meals a day. He learnt to make biryani and I, shakshuka. He took Hindi classes and watched French films, I started online Hebrew classes and learnt to listen to Western classical music. He likes his coffee with cardamom, I like my chai with milk and sugar.”

Kalki added that they don’t follow any religious rites at home but share their different customs and food. “We fight every day about whose turn it is to do the dishes and we always split our dessert in equal parts,” she said.

Kalki will be next seen in Made in Heaven 2. Besides this, she also has the upcoming film Goldfish. It will be released on August 25.


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