Kanye West and Adidas legal spat continues ‘secretly’


Adidas accused Kanye West for diverting funds 

Kanye West and Adidas had a troubled long-held relationship, but it all came to a grinding halt when the hip-hop star launched anti-Semitic tirades last year.

Now, the details are trekking: the German apparel has taken the Yeezy-maker to court for allegedly misusing the $75 million marketing funds, as per Bloomberg.

The company claimed $75 million was send to two Yeezy banks for marketing funds, but the fashion mogul “mishandling virtually all of the marketing funds.” 

As per Insider, the contract between the parties the marketing fund may not be “commingled,” and Yeezy has to pay back Adidas if any funds are misused.

Moreover, as the razor legal minds engaged in jabs of arguments, Ye had hinted three years ago where he spent the company’s marketing funds.

Appearing on Nick Cannon’s podcast in 2020, the Donda hitmaker revealed he shelled out $50 million of the funds on the Sunday Service gospel choir tour.

“The Yeezys, they were selling themselves,” the rapper continued.

“So instead of paying for ads, I invested it in the church.”

Last October, Ye and Adidas divorced over the former anti-Semitic outbursts that cost the latter $1.3 billion.

In May, the company moved forward with its plan to sell some of the unsold shoes and donate the proceeds to NGOs fighting for the cause West attacked.


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