Kanye West ‘re-educated’ Bianca Censori after marriage?


Kanye West is known for his brash, wild, and magnetic aura

Kanye West reportedly knows how to control or influence things around him.

So, where does that leave his “favourite” new bride Bianca Censori?

Celebrity stylist Tavia Sharp weighed in on the matter in The Sun, noting the Donda hitmaker has transformed the Aussie native’s “style and identity” as she is “young and moldable.”

The pair’s marriage occurred in a secret ceremony in January when little was known about the Yeezy architecture.

Interestingly, the curvy blonde has also deactivated her Instagram since, leaving the identity gap open.

But, soon after the duo’s wedding, Censori’s previous photos started to surface.

In which she boasted long brunette locks and usually donned dresses that were pink in color with green shades.

Kanye West re-educated Bianca Censori after marriage?

After exchanging vows with Ye, the Censor completely changed in appearance.

She cut loose her flowing locks and replaced them with a blonde pixie cut. While the Censori attire hues were also switched to neutral ones, complicating her hubby.

Kanye West re-educated Bianca Censori after marriage?

Sharp told the publication the drastic change behind her was the 46-year-old’s ideas as he has “stripped down her entire look.”

“They both wear matching soft materials and muted colours. Before Bianca met Kanye she did not have this futuristic look, style, or identity,” she added.

The celebrity stylist also believed the 28-year-old might try to “figure out who she was” before meeting Kanye.

She added it was the “perfect opportunity” for the Chicago rap star to “mold someone,” noting he appears to enjoy having “women on his arm who look like trophies.”

She continued: “He shaped Bianca’s style and identity. Kanye is certainly influencing Bianca who was young and moldable.”

But on the other hand, the celebrity psychic Inbaal Honigman concluded in her recent analysis of the pair after their recent trip to Japan that Censori is the “leader” in their marriage.

“Ye and his Mrs walk in step in the video, their feet hitting the ground in unison, which means their goals in life are aligned, they both value their connection, their relationship and each other,” she added.

Inbaal continued: “In each of the photos, it would appear that Bianca looks up, which shows confidence, while Kanye looks down, which shows humility.

“In the dynamics of this relationship, the lady is the leader,” the expert declared.


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