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Jaclyn Smith reunited with her Charlies Angels co-star Kate Jackson on Saturday, July 29
Jaclyn Smith reunited with her Charlie’s Angels co-star Kate Jackson on Saturday, July 29

Jaclyn Smith revealed intimate details about her son Gaston Richmond’s wedding to Bonnie Lane, which was no less than a dream come true.

Richmond, whom she shares with Anthony Richmond, tied the knot with his ladylove on Saturday, July 29 at the actress’ home in California, adding a layer of sentiment and romance to it.

“I’m very close to my son, and seeing his joy and his devotion to Bonnie and his love for Bonnie made me, in this modern world, think I did something right, because he values marriage,” Smith told People

“He said, ‘Mom, I’m doing this once, and once is it.’ And I love hearing those words. . . . He’s just devoted to her and madly in love with her, and they share the love of children.”

“Just seeing him so completely happy is the best thing a mother can wish for,” she added.

For Smith, the wedding was made extra special when her Charlie’s Angels co-star Kate Jackson decided to join the pair’s nuptials.

The moment came full circle as the actress revealed Jackson was also there when Richmond was born. “She goes back that far,” shared Smith. “And it’s a friend for the ages. I mean, you experience what we did together, and there’s a bond and a tie that never goes away.”

She enthused that the reunion made her feel like “no time had passed,” which made it “just joyous,” and “beautiful.”

“And I was so happy to see her out and looking beautiful and very present,” she added. 


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