Katie Holmes uncertain about ‘Dawson’s Creek’ remake


Katie Holmes uncertain about Dawsons Creek remake
Katie Holmes uncertain about ‘Dawson’s Creek’ remake

During a Kering Women in Motion interview at Cannes, Katie Holmes confirmed there have been talks about a potential reboot of the popular teen drama series “Dawson’s Creek.”

Holmes said that while there is love for the show and discussions have taken place, there is concern about preserving its original essence.

“There have been many discussions over the years. We all loved the experience,” Holmes said.

“There’s a protection that comes along with the discussion. The show was a time capsule. To put it into today’s world might tarnish it a little bit. It was right before everyone had a phone and social media and all of that, so there was an innocence that was there between the characters that was one of the things I think people liked about the show. To put it into the setting of today’s world, I’m not sure.”

She also shared that until there is a compelling reason and a defined approach, the idea remains on hold.

“We’ve often talked about it,” Holmes added. “For now, we kind of just keeping saying that until there is a real reason to do it, it hasn’t been something where people have said, ‘This is the take on it.’”

Speaking to Variety Holmes discussed her multifaceted career as an actor, writer, director, and her recent role as a mentor to young female filmmakers. Holmes also acknowledged the progress made for women in the industry, emphasising the increasing presence of women in executive and directorial roles.

“Being on set for so long, it’s a second home,” Holmes said about making the jump from actor to director. “I feel comfortable there. Knowing that when you go in, you know this department and the dynamics. Working with actors while being an actor, I think I know what they’re feeling and I hope that they feel more comfortable because I know I’m them. I’m one of you. We’re all together. There’s a comfort zone there.”

“I’m going to direct a film that I’m just going to direct. And that will be really fun, and I think probably will feel, in some ways, easier,” Holmes said.


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