Katie Price’s daughter Princess unveils stunning ‘Barbie Girl’ hair transformation


Katie Prices daughter Princess unveils stunning Barbie Girl hair transformation
Katie Price’s daughter Princess unveils stunning ‘Barbie Girl’ hair transformation

Princess Andre, daughter of Katie Price and Peter Andre, decided to undergo a fabulous ‘Barbie girl’ transformation, experimenting with a fresh hairstyle on Thursday.

The 16-year-old revealed that she had traded her naturally curly locks for a sleek, straight look. 

To share this change with her 650,000 Instagram followers, Princess created a video where she playfully lip-synced to Aqua’s hit song Barbie Girl while showcasing her curly hair. She then revealed her newly straightened style.

While fans were delighted with Princess’s video, many of them also encouraged her to ‘stay natural,’ assuring her that she is ‘perfect just the way she is.’ 

Princess’s resemblance to her model mother, Katie Price, particularly during her younger years, has not gone unnoticed.

Fans commented: ‘Love it better curly ‘; Absolutely stunning ‘; Hair is lovely straight. Hope she stays natural as gorgeous’; B

The makeover comes after Princess livestreamed herself discovering her GCSE results.


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