Kevin Costner attends court hearing to address estranged wife’s request


Kevin Costner attends court hearing to address estranged wifes request
Kevin Costner attends court hearing to address estranged wife’s request 

Kevin Costner appeared in court on Thursday in response to his separated wife Christine’s plea for child maintenance.

During a lunch break outside the Santa Barbara court on Thursday, the Yellowstone star was seen with his legal team, including Laura Wasser.

Christine’s attorney, John Rydell, stated in his opening statement that they were decreasing Christine’s child support request amount to $161,592 per month based on the most recent forensic accountant’s estimate. Costner’s legal counsel recommended a monthly salary of $60,000.00.

Christine currently receives $129,000 in monthly child support for the couple’s three children — sons Cayden, 16, and Hayes, 14, as well as daughter Grace, 13 — following the couple’s divorce in May. They had been married for 18 years.

According to court documents acquired by People magazine on August 26, the mother of three was suing Costner, 68, for $175,057 per month.

Christine’s court filings said, “Forensics has determined that [Kevin’s] average cash flow available for support for the two-year period of 2021 and 2022 was $19,248,467 per year ($1,604,039 per month).”

“Based on this cash flow, and a 50/50 parenting timeshare, the guideline child support, which is presumptively correct under California law, is $175,057 per month,” the documents continued.

According to the records, the money would have allowed the children to continue living a lifestyle that was “relatively comparable” to the one they were reared in.

The documents added that Christine wanted to ensure that she and Costner’s “three minor children will continue to have the benefit of the lifestyle that has been made possible by Kevin’s substantial earnings and wealth.”

During the hearing on Thursday, Rydell stated that the lifestyle to which Christine and Costner’s children had grown accustomed is “in their DNA at this point.”

“It’s so much more than this — it’s an experience,” Christine told the court as she darted at evidentiary photos. “We’ve created quite a community,” she added, constantly referring to the Santa Barbara compound she vacated as “ours.”

According to the court, the house has a volleyball court, a lawn, an infinity pool, and two guest houses.

Christine emphasised how a drop in their financial situation might influence their children.

She said their children are “very connected to the ocean — it’s their home,” and noted the surf garage is 50 steps from “toes in the water.”

According to a source, Christine moved out of the family’s house in July on the $145 million Santa Barbara compound she shared with Costner, under the conditions of their prenup. As verified in court on Thursday, she originally stayed in a smaller house on the property before moving to a nearby rented home for $40,000 per month.


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