King Charles feels loss of Prince Harry in major way amid royal rift


King Charles’ true feelings over son Prince Harry’s new Netflix docuseries, Heart of Invictus, were laid bare by Royal biographer Robert Jobson, via

Appearing in the latest episode of The Royal Beat podcast, Jobson revealed that the monarch would “absolutely be proud” of his son who has achieved so much with the Invictus Games.

The Netflix series Heart of Invictus is a five-part series about competitors and emotional moments from the Invictus Games which were held in 2022, originally meant for 2020.

Jobson opined that the monarch is beginning to feel the loss of his son and is upset over how much he has missed out after exiting the Royal Family in 2020 with his wife, Meghan Markle.

“Now what I think the King must be feeling is ‘what a waste!’… It’s great that he is doing these things but [the King] would probably like him to have stayed in an organisation like the army or the armed forced,’ Jobson said during the True Royalty TV’s show.

“I just think that if he’d been supported in that way, he would be doing so many things for the Royal Family now that he would have probably enjoyed.”

Prince Harry and Meghan were recently stripped off of their HRH titles from the official website of the Palace.

“He hates the idea that he is not Captain General of the Royal Marines… and he hates the fact that he’s lost all these positions,” Jobson said of Harry losing his military titles.

“If he’d been in the Royal Family, and not gone down this path, I think he’d have been hugely beneficial to the country, and he could have done even more.”

There has been speculation over an alleged ‘peace talks’ between the father and son by the end of this month, but none of the reports have been confirmed yet.


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