King Charles is ‘constantly plugging up’ Meghan Markle sized leaks


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been accused of holding many sources in the Palace who ‘leak like cheap sieves’.

Royal commentator and expert Daniela Elser weighed in on the presence of royal snitches in one of her pieces.

She broke down the leaks within the royal vein, in one of her pieces for

The piece in question reads, “We now face the possibility that various insider supporters of the Sussex cause have been leaking like cheap sieves and Charles & Co could be in for some new, fresh hell.”

But “The bottom line is the same for both Andrew and Harry – they are unfinished business for the King.”

In the middle of her chat, she also referenced the potential reaction of Buckingham Palace at large, and while addressing the Queen, said, “Buckingham Palace might be gagging to move on from the drama of the last few years, but the chances they will be able to do so are about as likely as Camilla forgoing a Below Deck marathon.”

At the end of the day the one thing that’s evident is the fact that “Both Andrew and Harry face uncertain futures, so what might they say or do if push comes to shove?”


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