King Charles, Queen Camilla run the risk of ‘extinction’ as monarchy faces major trouble


King Charles and Queen Camilla are reportedly running the risk of extinction as they have been presenting themselves as “dinosaurs”.

According to Princess Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell, the monarch has been advised to stay “value for money” in order to prevent “extinction”.

The royal aide, who has long served alongside the late Queen Elizabeth II, said that the monarchs needed to be careful of their image as it would only take a negative opinion of the public to have them removed from existence as a whole.

“The royals can’t be seen to be too excessive because I think the minute the public don’t want them there, they won’t be there,” he said. 

For this, he advised that they tone back their lavish displays and remain conscious of their spending as their royal lifestyles are funded by taxpayers.  

“I think it’s a dinosaur situation. I’ve always thought to myself that they could become extinct if they’re not careful,” he said.

“[They] have to be very careful with the way they spend money and how much money comes from the privy purse, which is paid for by the taxpayer.”

He added: “I think the royals have to show the way, they have to show the public that they are value for money and they are relevant to today, very important.”

“I hope they’re getting the right, sound advice.”


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