King Charles to organize ‘whole ceremony at Balmoral’ for love for Queen


King Charles to organize whole ceremony at Balmoral for love for Queen

King Charles is tweaking his annual holiday plans for the sake of Queen Elizabeth II. 

The monarch of Britain, who usually spends a week in Summer in Mey, will follow the footsteps of his mother to stay the entire summer in Balmoral.

Royal butler Grant Harold speaks in an interview with Spin Genie: “The King has already got his own private home at Balmoral. Now, he’s a huge believer in traditional protocol. He will go up to Scotland at the end of this month.

“And historically, he goes up to the Castle of Mey, which he is a trustee of. He would always spend the week there. I don’t think he will be going this year.

He adds: “My gut is telling me that he will do the whole ceremony of arriving at Balmoral. He’ll divide his time between Balmoral and back home.”

Mr Harrold continued: “Balmoral Castle is the place where he said goodbye to his mother, the Queen. It’s where she died, and spent her last memories.

Queen Elizabeth II passed away in in 2022 in September at Balmoral Castle.


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