‘Love Island USA’ confirms Same-Sex relationship in the villa | Hollywood


Love Island USA has its first same-sex relationship! Kassy Castillo and Johnnie Garcia kissed on the show, and they are both excited to see where their relationship goes.

(Pic Source: X/@digitalspy)
(Pic Source: X/@digitalspy)

Kassy and Johnnie became friends after Johnnie entered the villa as a bombshell. They started talking on the sofas in the latest episode, and they realized that they had feelings for each other. They kissed, and they are both happy about it.

This is a big moment for Love Island USA, and it is a sign of progress for LGBTQ+ representation in reality TV. It is also a great example of how love can be found in unexpected places.

Kassy starts by telling Johnnie: “I obviously find you attractive, I just didn’t know if you felt the attraction, too. I just wanted to know if you were seeing that.” Johnnie counters with: “Bitch I been seeing it, what do you mean?”

It leads Kassy to admit she wasn’t sure if Johnnie was serious, saying, “We joke around and stuff, but I didn’t know if it’s really joking or not. I kept looking at you, and I kept wanting to talk to you. So I was like ‘I’m low-key down for this,’” she adds, before Johnnie revealed more about her feelings.

“I like people that bring out a fun side in me, and I feel fun when I’m with you,” she said. “I feel comfortable when I’m with you. Those aren’t things you often find in people where you’re [on the island] – you get to be somebody else when you’re with them.”

Kassy, who’s been in the villa since the start, replied, “I think we’d look good together, and I’m open to exploring more.” Then, a smiling Johnnie asked, “What about now?” They shared a passionate kiss, followed by cute giggles.

Though they can’t officially couple up until the next recoupling, the villa got a surprise when Scott van-der-Sluis from the UK version joined as a bombshell last week.


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