Matty Healy and Meredith Mickelson’s love story rekindles, They’re back together


Matty Healy and Meredith Mickelson give love another chance.
Matty Healy and Meredith Mickelson give love another chance.

Matty Healy rekindles his connection with model Meredith Mickelson, following a notable separation from pop sensation Taylor Swift.

Love’s flame has reignited for the duo, appearing as affectionate as ever, shared a heartwarming evening at the exclusive Japanese celebrity haunt, Nobu Matsuhisa, before taking their shared affection to a cinematic setting during a movie date in Los Angeles.

During the sighting, Matty sported a black Ramones hoodie, while Meredith opted for a coat, pants, and carried a black bag.

The renewal of their romance has captured attention, with fans and observers curious about the trajectory of their love story after his time with Taylor Swift. 

Recently, Matty was spotted on a vacation in Hawaii, accompanied by Mickelson. 

Reports from The Sun revealed that the frontman of The 1975, aged 34, chose to enjoy a luxurious holiday with his ex-partner, Meredith.

Adding to the intrigue, Meredith shared an Instagram snapshot showcasing two bowls of fruit within a lavish villa. 

The post bore the caption happiness, a subtle nod to the song by The 1975, adding an intriguing layer to their rendezvous.

However, insights from a source close to the band shared with MailOnline have offered a different perspective on the matter. 

It was clarified that Healy, accompanied by his band and their touring crew, was in Hawaii for a break following their performance. 

The vacation was intended as a gesture of gratitude for the hard work they have put in throughout the year.

In February, the musician was still in a relationship with Meredith when he spent a substantial amount of time collaborating with Taylor in a recording studio. 


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