Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kelly’s fairground fight video goes viral


Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kellys fairground fight video goes viral

Megan Fox looked shaken as a man allegedly attacked her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly at the Orange County Fair on Thursday.

In the viral video, the 37-yera-old Transformers actress can be seen in a tense situation after a bystander allegedly attempted to hit her lover MGK during a night out.

The actress, who’s ‘back to planning her wedding’ with the Emo Girl rapper, seems frightened in the video, which went viral after the incident.

As the pair got off a ride, they were reportedly approached by a man who attempted to assault the 33-year-old musician.

The TikTok video shows the musician’s bodyguard quickly intervening and slamming the alleged attacker into a barricade.

Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kellys fairground fight video goes viral

In the viral clip, Megan can be seen bouncing off a barrier before MGK pulls her away from the fracas.

Fans around the pair were left in shock as MGK comforted his fianceé who looked dazed after the encounter.

The video, which has been viewed 1.6million times was tagged: “Regular day at OC fair some random guy punches mgk.”

In another, video, MGKelly is seen ‘throwing the first hit’ during a furious scuffle with two men.

The new video shows the moments before the confrontation – which sees the pair looking at two men in a queue. A visibly irate MGK walks over to the guests and gets close to one man’s face, before apparently throwing the first hit. As the man pushes him back his friend then appears to strike the musician in the face.

The row – which saw Megan accidentally slammed into a barrier, seemingly erupted after a filmed verbal altercation between MGK and two men.


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