Meghan Markle ‘absolutely cannot handle criticism’: ‘So self-centred or arrogant’


Meghan Markle has just been accused of ‘trying to ride the coattails of others’ just to get ahead in life, because she has ‘no qualms’.

These claims and accusations have been issued by Astrology expert Michelle Bell – founder of Cosmic Fusion.

Her accusations have come after analyzing Meghan’s birth chart and her ‘metal rooster’ characteristics.

In reference to this, Ms Bell feels Meghan Markle’s motivations and plans for the future are ‘far too obvious’.

She started off by explaining a few of the personality traits metal roosters possess and claimed, “The Leo Metal Rooster is a seriously strong character with a sizable ego.”

“It’s a little contradictory because the Leo in their makeup absolutely cannot handle criticism, however, the Metal Rooster has so much self-belief, they are intrinsically confident.”

“They have an insatiable hunger for all that life has to offer. While a lot of Leos would happily ride on the coattails of others, to the Leo Metal Rooster’s credit they are willing to get their hands dirty in order to achieve their goals.”

She also added, “Everything this character does will be thought through, they won’t leave anything up to chance. They also won’t take any prisoners in their quest for success and recognition, as ultimately, that is what they care about most.”

“Leos are confident and passionate, the Metal element is strong-willed and ambitious, and the Rooster is flamboyant and bold. They do have a certain charm and charisma that draws people towards them, and they often use this to their advantage.”

In the end, “, Roosters are confident and self-assured, and they too seek attention. Their desire for recognition can sometimes be a double-edged sword though. Both Leos and Roosters can come across as overly self-centred or arrogant, which can put off those around them.”


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