Meghan Markle plans for social media return bound to ‘backfire’: ‘Bad move’


Meghan Markle’s anticipated return to Instagram has been branded a shot across the bow.

Speaking to the Daily Express, PR expert Edward Coram-James reflected on the Duchess of Sussex resuming her social media shenanigans after going AWOL since getting married to Prince Harry in 2018.

The GoUp CEO explained how it will reflect poorly on the Sussexes, who have been frequently accused of being selfish to attain financial success.

“A British royal so flagrantly commercialising their position and behaving like an American reality TV star is bound to further imbed this national upset,” he claimed.

“Reputationally, reopening Instagram is yet another bad move in a long line of bad moves.”

The Suits alum first announced her return to the photo-sharing application in an interview with The Cut last year, and the plans were actively set in motion after the account handle @meghan was created a few weeks prior.

Coram-James dished the negative outcome that could follow Markle in her effort to rebuild her brand by offering a more unfiltered view of her life.

“Unless it is purely charitable work with no personal publicity or commercial incentive, anything she posts will open her up to more accusations of hypocrisy, attention seeking and abusing long and deeply held cultural traditions, as well as her position and titles,” he shared.

It was reported last week that the former actress was offered a $1M payout for each post on her account, which Edward believed leaved Meghan with “no choice” if she wants to feed her family.

However, he noted, “The Sussexes need to accept that their behaviour to date has largely backfired, and caused a lot of national hurt and embarrassment in the meantime. They need to keep a lower profile and stop fighting fire with fire.” 


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