Meghan Markle risks ending ‘thousands of years old tradition’ with Instagram return


Meghan Markle was warned against using her royal title with a PR expert claiming that doing so for her potential Instagram return could land her into a Catch 22 situation.

Edward Coram-James told Express that Meghan would continue to fuel talks of her using her royal ties to get the public’s attention if she continued to make them the centre of her image.

“So, reopening her social media accounts risks further inflaming the narrative that Meghan quite likes attention,” one user said. 

“Furthermore, having active and product promoting social media accounts is not considered very royal behaviour. Meghan has created a bit of a catch 22 for herself here.”

Furthermore, he warned that any political messaging could become problematic as the royal family has long been known to be apolitical, adding that she ran the risk of ending “thousands of years old tradition”. 

“If she opens her social media accounts, using her titles and royal influence as key elements of her brand, but uses them for product placement and political messaging (remember, the royals are supposed to be commercially and politically neutral), it will open her up to a lot of potential criticism of abusing the cultural norms that go with a thousands of years old tradition.”

He added: “It could be argued that another of her biggest mistakes is that she has confused her branding. She has tried to carve out a special, never held before niche for herself in which she redefines what royalty means.”


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