Miley Cyrus talks about different reactions of her dad Billy Ray toward success


Miley Cyrus has been famous since she was born, courtesy of her father, Billy Ray Cyrus.

The Flowers singer in her Endless Summer Vacation: Continued (Backyard Sessions), the pop star’s new Hulu special, opens up about growing up with a major country star father and how their connections to fame have changed throughout her life.

“When I was born, my dad had the No. 1 country song,” said Miley, 30, referencing Billy Ray’s breakout single Achy Breaky Heart.

“When I see the numbers, I just see the humans behind it enjoying the music, and I just see people in numbers. A number doesn’t change who I am,” added Cyrus.

She then described what it was like to be raised by Billy Ray, 62, and his ex-wife Tish when her father first became famous, which resulted in a very different existence than he was used to as a child.

“My dad grew up the opposite of me. I grew up on a soundstage, like, in a house with a family that was super close and all lived under the same roof, and I grew up financially stable and emotionally stable, I think, in my relationships also,” said Miley. “That’s something that my dad didn’t have.”

Having noticed individuals around her going from “having nothing to everything,” the Grammy nominee defined the experience — which rings true to Billy Ray’s life — as a “really dangerous place.”

“I think that’s where me and my dad’s relationship to fame and success is wildly different,” said Miley in the special.

“Him feeling loved by a big audience impacted him emotionally more than it ever could me. When he feels special or important, it’s like healing a childhood wound, and I’ve always been made to feel like a star. It makes me emotional, so I think that’s the difference.”


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