Mission Impossible actor Pom Klementieff: Initially, it was hard to get roles as I didn’t have the perfect American accent | Hollywood


Having starred in two of the biggest international film franchises — Mission Impossible and Guardians of the Galaxy — actor Pom Klementieff has successfully managed to make a name for herself all over the world. However, the actor of Asian descent admits that there was a time when she was not considered for roles in Hollywood because of her accent.

Pom Klementieff was last seen in Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One
Pom Klementieff was last seen in Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One

“At the moment when I look around, it feels amazing that everyone from all over the world has a chance to get a role in a film, which was not the case earlier,” says Klementieff, adding, “I remember it was hard to get cast (initially in my career) because I didn’t have the perfect American accent. But now, things are changing and it is exciting.”

The actor, therefore, feels her career graph directly reflects how the world of Hollywood has changed in terms of diversity and inclusivity. The 37-year-old mentions, “When I look back and then see what I am getting today, I only feel grateful. That’s because I remember the moments when I was struggling. So, it is beautiful to see from where I started and where I have reached.”

The actor, who was last seen in Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, credits growing diversity in Hollywood for ushering in a change. “Today, there is more variety in terms of where people come from, their origins and descent. It’s interesting to show that onscreen. I have been lucky to work with incredible directors in my career who have been gentlemen and who love to portray women in interesting, flawed and beautiful ways, like my Mission Impossible franchise,” she says, further stating, “All the female characters in the MI franchise have their own agency. I love watching them on screen, even before being part of these films, I used to watch the characters.”

Talking about the franchise, Klementieff gushes admits that the most special thing was to work with actor-producer Tom Cruise.

“He is so inspiring. It was incredible to get to see from the front row on the set. He works so hard. The best thing is that he lets other people shine as well. That is the beauty of the film as well. Every character has a moment in the movie. It is not just about him,” she notes, sharing that working on the film introduced her to Indian cuisine, which she fell in love with.

“When I was shooting in London, I used to eat a lot of Indian food, and it was so good. I love Indian food. Now, coming to India is on my bucket list. I have never been to the country and I’m dying to visit. Maybe, I will fulfil it with a visit to Delhi soon,” the actor ends with a promise to herself.


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