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Dressing in Asia is a complex issue due to its diverse cultures and climates, but some general tips can help ensure appropriate and respectful attire in any Asian country.

Modern Dressing

The following variables should be taken into account when selecting clothing for Asia:

Climate: There are several different climates in Asia, ranging from tropical to subarctic. Make sure you are dressed adequately for the country you are visiting’s climate.

Culture: The dress norms of various Asian cultures vary. It’s crucial to follow regional traditions and dress modestly.

Religion: There are formal dress requirements for several Asian religions. For instance, it is usual to cover one’s shoulders and knees in Buddhist temples.

General Dress Advice for Asia

Here are some common recommendations regarding Asian attire:

Dress indecently. Avoid wearing sensual attire like short shorts, crop tops, and low-cut gowns.

Shield your knees and shoulders. This is crucial when visiting places of worship.

Be mindful of regional customs. For instance, excessive skin exposure is frowned upon in some Asian nations.

Wear appropriate clothing. Dress appropriately if you’re going to a formal function, such a wedding or business meeting.

Feel at ease. If you want to do a lot of walking or touring, it is crucial to feel comfortable in your clothing.

Modern Drressing

Different Asian nations’ clothing

The following are some unique sartorial advice for several Asian nations:

China: Chinese people typically dress conservatively. Avoid wearing anything too exposing, and dress modestly.

Japan: Japanese people typically dress neatly and tastefully. Avoid overaccessorizing with jewelry or makeup.

Korea: The attire of Koreans is often conservative. It is best to refrain from donning something too exposing.

Thailand: People there usually dress comfortably and casually. When visiting temples, you should, however, cover your knees and shoulders.

Vietnam: Vietnamese people frequently dress conservatively. It is best to refrain from donning something too exposing.

Modern Dressing


Though it need not be difficult, dressing in Asia might be challenging. You can dress appropriately and respectfully in any Asian nation by remembering the aforementioned advice.

Here are some more suggestions about how to dress in Asia:

Wear layers. You will be able to adapt to various temperatures thanks to this.

Put on some relaxed shoes. Because you’ll probably be walking a lot, it’s crucial to wear supportive footwear.

Pack a scarf. When visiting holy locations, you should wear a scarf to protect your knees and shoulders. You can use it to shield your head from the sun as well.

Observe your surroundings carefully. Dress more modestly if you’re visiting a conservative location. You can wear more if you’re visiting a more laid-back locale.