Mohit Raina’s first birthday as a daddy is all about being with the family | Bollywood


This year, Mohit Raina’s birthday carries an extra layer of significance as he embraces the joy of spending it with his wife, Aditi Sharma, and six-month-old daughter for the first time. The actor known for his role in Devon Ke Dev Mahadev, shares that this conscious decision was promoted by a desire to saviour the small yet precious moments of life.

Mohit Raina celebrates his 42nd birthday this year.
Mohit Raina celebrates his 42nd birthday this year.

“For the first time, I will be celebrating my birthday not only with my daughter but also with my wife. Over the past three years, circumstances prevented us from coming together on this day. Whether it was the pandemic, work commitments, or other engagements, I missed celebrating with Aditi. This year, I deliberately chose to take time off to be with family and celebrate with them,” says Raina, who married Sharma in December 2021.

As he turns 42 on August 14, the actor discusses the profound joy of being present to see his daughter grow up. “I have not been able to spend time with family. But after she was born, my friends told me that kids grow really fast and I did not want to be away and miss all these moments of fatherhood. Though I was initially not sure about this decision of taking a break, I am happy I did so to be with her and see her face when I wake up and before I go to sleep.”

Though it’s going to be a small, beautiful celebration with the loved ones, Raina says it’s enough for him because he is a private person. “I am not really a party person and don’t go to social gatherings or parties because I am an introvert. I attend events when it’s necessary,” he says and goes on to share his perspective on industry parties that are considered to be essential to gel up with people and build contacts. He acknowledges the importance of such events but emphasizes that it should come naturally to individuals rather than being forced. “It should come naturally to you. You can’t force yourself. I have done it in the past where I forced myself to parities but when I reached there, the discomfort was visible on my face. That’s why I believe it’s better to be yourself,” he says.

About the most beautiful birthday gift he has received in life, Raina reveals that it’s a letter that his father left him before he passed away. “That letter has lot of blessings and guidance about how to take forward my life and what are the rules I should follow. That’s like a god’s gift for me. So whenever I am in trouble or doubt, and do not know what to do, I go back to that letter, read it and find my answers. He has shared his experiences with me through that letter and I try and follow it,” he ends.


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