Noel Gallagher unveils long-hidden truth behind feud with Adele


Noel Gallagher reveals the true origin of his feud with Adele.
Noel Gallagher reveals the true origin of his feud with Adele.

Noel Gallagher has finally shed light on the underlying cause of his feud with Adele, a conflict that led him to label her as “f*****g awful” and “offensive.”

Noel Gallagher unveiled that it all began when Adele reached out to him, expressing interest in meeting up.

However, Gallagher admitted that he was far from impressed because the invitation did not originate from Adele herself.

Speaking during a conversation on the Matt Morgan podcast, he emphasized that he had never initiated a dispute with the Hello singer. 

Instead, his actions were always a reaction to provocation.

Gallagher stated, “I don’t think I have ever gone out of my way to start anything; it’s always been a reaction to some f***ing idiot having a go in the first place. 

You know me; I keep myself to myself.” 

Noel Gallagher revisited his past remarks about Adele and explained the incident that initially triggered their feud. 

When reminded of his previous comments, including calling Adele “f*****g awful,” Gallagher clarified his perspective. 

He revealed that his frustration began when Adele sent someone to inquire if he wanted to meet her, a move that irked him.

Gallagher, known for his composed demeanor, expressed that he prefers to keep a low profile and save any reactions for moments like this. 

He remarked, “I’m not one for causing a scene; I just stick it in the vault and just think revenge is a dish best served cold.” MailOnline has reached out to Adele’s representative for comment.


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