Noname addresses Jay Electronica’s criticism, ‘won’t apologize for unwritten verse’


Noname responds to Jay Electronicas verse on Instagram statement.
Noname responds to Jay Electronica’s verse on Instagram statement.

Noname’s latest musical endeavor Sundial has garnered generally positive reception. 

However, the inclusion of Jay Electronica’s verse on the track Balloons has sparked certain criticisms.

Noname had previously come to Jay Electronica’s defense when the album’s tracklist was unveiled, addressing concerns raised about the rapper’s connection to the Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan, who has been linked to instances of anti-Semitism.

Employing on his verse on Balloons to delve into his personal beliefs, with lines such as “I run with the might ‘Khan as we expose the liars” and “Some f**kboy 85er come run up and press me/ It’s all a hoax, quite simple, a joke like Zelenskyy.”

The verse concludes with the proclamation, “If anybody asks, tell ’em Farrakhan sent me/ It’s the war of Armageddon and I’m beggin’ the listener/ If you ain’t fighting that mean you either dead or a prisoner.”

The artist declared, “Here’s the truth. No, I’m not antisemitic. I don’t hate groups of people.” 

She clarified her stance, stating that her opposition is directed towards white supremacy, a global system that confers advantages to those identifying as white.

Asserting her position, Noname reiterated, “I’m not going to apologize for a verse I didn’t write. I’m not going to apologize for including it on my album.” 

She acknowledged that if listeners believe her decision was misguided, they have the right to their opinion and can choose not to engage. 

And encouraged those who disagree to unfollow and explore other talented artists who are creating compelling music. 


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