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No More Bets dominated box office during the weekend, bringing in $88 million between Friday and Sunday in China alone. As per a new Variety report, that figure is much greater than what Greta Gerwig’s Barbie collected during the same period. The movie featuring Margot Robbie as a stereotypical Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken hit theaters on July 21. Also read: Barbie tops US box office in its fourth week, Oppenheimer returns to number two spot

Chinese crime action movie No More Bets performed better globally than Barbie this weekend.
Chinese crime action movie No More Bets performed better globally than Barbie this weekend.

No More Bets vs Barbie

Variety reported that as per data shared by Comscore, Barbie earned $33.7 million in its fourth weekend of release in North America and it earned another $45.1 million internationally. The report added that total weekend collection of Barbie was $78.8 million.

Variety added that China box office data from Artisan Gateway, used by studio distributors as definitive rather than estimates, shows No More Bets performing even more strongly over the weekend. No More Bets was released on Wednesday and has earned an eye-popping $247.5 million already. It earned $101 million in China alone, so far.

About No More Bets

No More Bets is executive produced by Ning Hao and directed by Shen Ao. The film follows a computer programmer (Lay Zhang) and a model (Gina Jin), who are enticed abroad by the promise of high-paying jobs but find themselves duped by a ruthless gang and forced to participate in online fraud.

Shen Ao has said that he researched hundreds of cases of a real-life cyber fraud cases involving Chinese citizens as part of his writing process. It is also reported that No More Bets will finish its run with over $500 million, which will make it China’s biggest hit in recent months.

Barbie box office

Barbie is poised to become 2023’s top film.17 days after the film’s release, Variety had earlier reported that Barbie surpassed $1 billion at the global box office, raking in $459 million in North America and $572 million internationally. Thereby, it made Greta Gerwig the first-ever solo woman filmmaker with a billion-dollar movie.

The film featured plenty of Barbies, portrayed by actors such as Issa Rae, Nicola Coughlan, Sharon Rooney, Hari Nef, Emma Mackey and Kate McKinnon, among others. Dua Lipa is also in the film as a mermaid Barbie


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