Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis win against ex-nanny’s ‘wrongful termination’


Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis prevail as ex-nannys lawsuit gets terminated by court
Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis prevail as ex-nanny’s lawsuit gets terminated by court

Olivia Wilde and her former fiancé, Jason Sudeikis, have achieved a substantial win through the termination of a lawsuit filed against them by their former nanny, Ericka Genaro.

Legal proceedings have taken a new direction as a judge ruled to transfer the case to arbitration, according to confirmation from Ron Zambrano, Genaro’s representative, to Daily Mail.

While expressing disagreement with the court’s decision, Zambrano clarified that the shift to arbitration doesn’t signify the termination of the lawsuit; rather, it adjusts the legal forum for the ongoing case.

Zambrano explained, “It is what it is and now we’ll litigate it in arbitration and the case goes on. This does not terminate the lawsuit.

“It merely changes the venue.” He elaborated that despite the change, Genaro’s legal team is well-prepared to proceed and has confidence in their stance.

Emphasizing the foundation of their case, Zambrano revealed, “As to the underlying facts, we’ve got text messages and testimony that she was driven to quit, then was summarily fired anyway.

“We feel extremely confident in the case so instead of taking this to trial, we’ll handle it in arbitration and we’re ready to move forward.”

This development emerges half a year after Genaro’s claims surfaced in legal documents, asserting that she was dismissed by Wilde and Sudeikis when she requested medical leave.

Her lawsuit, filed in the Los Angeles County Superior Court, asserted that she had been prescribed a three-day medical leave by her doctor in 2021 to address the stress stemming from the couple’s public separation.

Following her disclosure to Sudeikis, Genaro alleged that he terminated her employment immediately.

The couple, who are at the center of a legal battle, vehemently deny the claims made against them.

Genaro’s lawsuit seeks remedies including back-pay, punitive damages, and reimbursement for attorney fees.


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