Ouzy See sets record straight about split from Kady McDermott


Breaking: Ouzy See sets record straight about split from Kady McDermott
 Breaking: Ouzy See sets record straight about split from Kady McDermott 

Ouzy See has candidly confessed to being the cause behind his sudden split with former flame Kady McDermott.

The 28-year-old Love Island sensation, in an exclusive statement to MailOnline, openly acknowledged his wrongdoing amidst swirling allegations of infidelity, expressing a strong desire to bring clarity and resolution to the situation.

It comes after Kady, 27, made a cryptic dig about his ‘bad behaviour’ in a breakup statement earlier this month.

Ouzy reportedly met up with brunette influencer named Alicia, who he knew before Love Island, shortly after landing back in the UK.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline at We Are FSTVL, the footballer insisted there was ‘no romantic connection’ between the pair and ‘understands why Kady was upset’.

He told MailOnline: ‘I just want to clear it up, I was in the wrong. I can understand why Kady was upset, the girl (Alicia) set me up, she came to the hotel and I had never done anything with her.

‘I was with Kady when she posted the statement of the split online and was with her when it all came out.

‘We weren’t exclusive at the time and we hadn’t even had our first date. Things were going in the right direction and going well but when we came out of the villa, things were so different.

‘Then that happened on July 30 and after me and Kady met up and I kind of ruined it. I knew the girl before, I knew of her.

‘We’d met like three times as friends, but she messaged me when I was out and about in London.

‘There was no romantic connection though. This girl’s friends were all posting about it on Twitter and it was muggy and it looked bad on Kady’s side. But I never had a romantic connection with her. It is what it is and I’m happy now.’

Ouzy went on to say he has ‘no regrets’ and insisted the split ‘was not Kady’s fault’ but ‘he was set up’. 


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