Pallavi Joshi on winning Best Supporting Actor Award: This National Award is an answer to those who criticised The Kashmir Files | Bollywood


Actor Pallavi Joshi bagged the award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in The Kashmir Files at the 69th National Film Awards. In fact, the film itself also secured the accolade in the category of Best Feature Film on National Integration. The news came as a surprise to Joshi, who was in Chicago at the time.

Pallavi Joshi won the best supporting actress award for The Kashmir Files at the 69th National Film Awards
Pallavi Joshi won the best supporting actress award for The Kashmir Files at the 69th National Film Awards

“I was asleep as it was 6am here in Chicago. I started getting calls and that’s when I got to know,” she shares, adding, “For the longest time, it didn’t sink in that I got the award for best supporting actor. We are on a tour to promote our upcoming film The Vaccine War, so what better way to celebrate this.”

The recognition took on an even more meaningful dimension when Joshi shares, “And after that, when I heard that our film got in the category of national integration, that was the icing on the cake. To think about what we wanted to say through the movie, I think it just got underlined and recognized, so it’s a great feeling. I am very happy with the results and feel very thankful to the jury. I would like to dedicate this award to the entire persecuted community all over the world.”

The Kashmir Files had not only enthralled audiences with its storytelling but had also ignited a fair share of controversy upon its release. However, Joshi reflects on the reception, stating, “There was some backlash during the film’s release. The people who were agitating against the film or were trying to outrage against it were very few in number, but their social media presence was great, so everyone thought that there were a lot of people because they amplified it a lot. Not many people disliked it; otherwise, the film wouldn’t have been a blockbuster hit. The majority of the youth loved the film.”

Addressing the impact of the awards on its critics, Joshi triumphantly notes, “But yes, it is an answer to those criticizing the film at the time of release. It has definitely set those people up who live in genocide denial. It also brought great jubilation in the Kashmiri Pandit community. I am feeling great; let them feel whatever they have to feel now. I have done my job by spreading the message.”


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