Prince Andrew lived as king from his childhood to adulthood


Prince Andrew, who was not burdened by responsibility of taking the throne, reportedly lived as a king from his childhood to adulthood.

The Duke of York was destined to live in his elder brother King Charles shadow since his childhood, but he became a “leader of the pack” and was highly popular in school.

New book about royal family “War of the Windsors…”, penned by Nigel Cawthorne, takes an inside look into Andrew’s life and recounts the highs and lows of him.

Andrew, gifted with “thick skin” and charm, was very famous and he made several friends during his time at the boarding school.

Andrew’s time at the school was totally different from his elder brother Charles as he had no time for sycophants and if anyone tried to take the mickey out of him, he fought back, said one schoolmaster in the book. 

Describing Andrew’s nature, school master claimed in the book: “He’s just as good with the verbals as with his fists.”

“War Of the Windsors: The Inside Story of Charles, Andrew and the Rivalry That Has Defined the Royal Family” will hit the shelves on August 31.

Andrew’s elder brother Charles was raised for different future as he was burdened by responsibility of becoming future king. He was a very polite, sweet boy, always incredibly thoughtful and kind, interested in art and music,” the Queen’s cousin and confidante Margaret Rhodes said in the book.


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