Prince Andrew was not on ‘radar’ during Newsnight interview


Prince Andrew was not on radar during Newsnight interview

Prince Andrew infamous interview with BBC’s Emily Maltis in 2019 has been a defining point in his life.

The Duke of York, who exclusively spoke about his association to sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and charges of sexual assault by Virginia Giuffre, shocked the interviewer with a series of ‘bad answers.’

Now in a fresh statement, Ms Maltis tells Mirror her opinion on the sit-in.

She says: “He lost a lot from doing that interview. My ­intention was not to ruin his life. That was not on my radar.

“I knew I had to do an interview that would hold up in a court of law, once we had the chance there could not be a misstep. It felt like a trial.”

Ms Maltis also added how Queen gave Andrew permission to do the interview.

“This is a man who thought he was innocent. I could see why he would want to talk.”

She said about watching the interview being filmed: “I can feel my blood pressure increasing because this is dynamite… It’s just like this tidal wave of bad answers.”


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