Prince Harry discouraged ‘dramatic’ story on Meghan Markle labor


Prince Harry discouraged dramatic story on Meghan Markle labor

Prince Harry reveals media was given false information after Meghan Markle pregnancy.

Days after the Duchess of Sussex welcomed her first child, the media was told she just went into labor.

Recalling the moment, Prince Harry writes in his memoir: “Within two hours of our son being born we were back at Frogmore. The sun had risen and we were behind closed doors before the official announcement was released… Saying Meg had gone into labor?”

Harry adds: “ I had a tiff with Sara about that. You know she’s not in labor anymore, I said. She explained that the press must be given the dramatic, suspenseful story they demanded. But it’s not true, I said. Ah, truth didn’t matter. Keeping people tuned to the show, that was the thing.”


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