Prince Harry to join King Charles in Balmoral on Queen’s death anniversary?


King Charles is openly entertaining the idea of reconciling with his son Prince Harry, on the condition that the Duke of Sussex doesn’t try to dominate him.

As the former royal prepares to travel to the UK on the eve of the first death anniversary of Queen Elizabeth, experts have weighed in on a potential reunion between him and the estranged Royal Family.

Speaking to The Sun, royal author Ingrid Seward claimed the British monarch is not against the idea of welcoming Harry back to the family with open arms.

She also suggested the Invictus Games founder takes a detour to Balmoral during his England visit, where King and Queen Camilla will pay a quiet tribute to the late monarch.

“Despite the huge deterioration in trust, I suspect Charles would be open to having a relationship with Harry so long as he no longer tried to push him around,” Seward shared.

“And a visit to Balmoral – the secluded spot where the Queen was happiest – could have been the perfect place for that to happen.”

The author insisted that the Scottish retreat “could have had valuable family time in private to tackle this very difficult situation and start to rebuild their relationship”.

However, she also claimed Harry is “too stubborn to do that and felt the Scottish retreat was a step too far for him, both literally and emotionally.”


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