Prince Harry’s ‘romantic’ pet name for Meghan Markle ‘a show for public’?


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship is laden with respect and admiration for each other.

The Duke of Sussex offered a deeper insight into his dynamic with his dear wife as he let slip a nickname for her in the recently-released Heart of Invictus docu-series on Netflix.

As the Suits alum introduced the Invictus Games founder to give a speech at the opening ceremony of the game in The Hague last year, Harry took over from her after telling her, “Thank you, my love.”

Speaking to The Mirror, dating expert Louella Alderson revealed Harry’s romantic pet name for Meghan is a “way of openly expressing respect and admiration” for her.

Dishing on how it reflects the power dynamic between the couple, she noted the former royal pair may use pet names for each other “to put on a front of intimacy while struggling in the relationship.”

“So Prince Harry calling Megan Markle ‘my love’ could be a sign of true affection, or it could simply be a show for the public,” explained Alderson.

The tech exec also revealed Harry and Meghan’s usage of pet names aligns with their “extrovert” nature, proving a survey that “68% of extroverts use pet names in relationships, compared to only 56% of introverts.”


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