Ranbir Kapoor tells Alia to wipe off her lipstick because he doesn’t like it | Bollywood


The internet is calling Ranbir Kapoor a ‘red flag’ once again after wife Alia Bhatt’s latest revelation about their equation. In a new video for Vogue India, Alia showed how she applies lipstick and tries to keep it faded and minimal because her husband ‘doesn’t like it’. (Also read: Alia Bhatt reacts to Ranbir Kapoor’s ramp walk at event)

Alia Bhatt's latest revelation about Ranbir Kapoor isn't a hit with their fans.
Alia Bhatt’s latest revelation about Ranbir Kapoor isn’t a hit with their fans.

In the video, Alia showed that instead of gliding the lipstick on her lips, she prefers to move her lips on the lipstick instead. She said that the method was peculiar indeed but that’s what works best for her. She then almost completely wipes the lipstick off her lips because she wants the faded look. She explains, “Because one thing my husband…when he wasn’t my husband but when he was my boyfriend as well… he would be like ‘wipe that off, wipe that off’ because he loves the natural colour of my lips.”

While Alia thought she was sharing a cute detail about her relationship with Ranbir, many did not think so. More than a few people called him a ‘red flag’, that’s what internet calls people who might not bring you the healtiest relationships. “The more I listen about Ranbir Kapoor the more I feel scared for her. If your bf/husband is telling you to wipe your lipstick that the biggest sign for you to run! It is not cute or funny at all! Can not believe the most celebrated actress at this moment of India is going through this,” wrote one person in a comment.

“I would never allow a guy who asks me to wipe off my lipstick anywhere close to me,” wrote one. “I can’t believe a top actress of her time rubs off her expensive lipstick because her “bf/husband” tells her to rub it off,” commented another.

Some people were also tired of Alia bringing up her wedding and husband so often in interviews, “My husband, my wedding – gurrllll catch a breath. It’s not cute anymore. Does she really have nothing substantial to talk about? And literally anything she says about Ranbir just portrays him as such a unlikable personality. This PR needs to stop ASAP! Focus on your acting career bro. Your wedding was amazing but it’s about time you MOVE ON,” read a comment.

Earlier, Alia and Ranbir faced similar comments when during an interview she said that Ranbir ‘doesn’t like’ her raising her voice during arguments. “I have to try very hard to control my anger because my husband does not like (it) when my voice goes above this decibel. Because he thinks it’s not fair and it’s important to be kind even when you are unhappy,” she had told Vice.

Alia and Ranbir married in April last year and are parents to daughter Raha. The two also delivered their first film together Brahmastra: Part One – Shiva last year.


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