Rebels Wilson chants about daughter Royce’s summer time


Rebel Wilson has a great summer plan with daughter Royce.
Rebel Wilson has a great summer plan with daughter Royce.

Wilson said that her little water baby Royce is mimicking her mother’s flutterkicks. “I love how much she loves swimming,” Rebel said about her 9-month-old baby in an exclusive E! News interview. 

“Because I’m like that. I’m a Pisces.”

“We take her swimming every day,” the Senior Year actress revealed, referring to the temperatures outside the Southern California home where she lives with fiancée Ramona Agruma.

“We got her a little little baby pool and we fill that up or we take her in the big pool. And she’s really loving it.”

But Wilson is also concerned about some things.

“She’s had her first little mosquito bite on her leg and I was like, ‘Nooo!'” exclaimed Rebel.

That’s why the 43-year-old, who acquired malaria as a teen from a mosquito, has been relying on Zevo’s one-two punch of a flying bug trap and repellant spray. “You know, it’s summertime,” she admitted, “and the bugs are out.”

Rebel is slated to direct her first film, The Deb, in her home country of Australia later this year.

And because of that, Royce will get “double summer”.

“Because then we come into summer in Australia. So she’ll be living it up,” she explains.


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