Rohan Verma: Hate messages are proof that I have been able to deliver | Bollywood


Actor Rohan Verma believes that playing negative characters does take a way a lot from an artiste.

Rohan Verma
Rohan Verma

“It’s surely challenging to bring alive any kind of darkness on screen. Then, if you are doing realistic content, it becomes all the more difficult to get into the skin of a character and figure its psyche. Playing out-and-out negative is still easier but when you get to be someone who has to keep his evil side under wraps for the audience then it becomes a two-edged sword. My character of Maanav in Kaalkoot was on similar lines. Initially, I was bit apprehensive but the public response and hate messages in my inbox are proof that I have been able to deliver with utmost honesty,” says the Bhaukaal 2 actor.

Verma further adds that no one can predict success in the industry.

“With so much content happening, zeroing in on correct projects is a Herculean task for any actor, how much ever you try. When the bigger game players can’t foresee the future of their projects toh mei toh abhi naya aaya hu. Still, I believe that a good director can surely give wings to a right story and create something that is wholeheartedly accepted by the audience similarly like Sumit (Saxena) did in my last series.”

The State of Seige : Akshardham actor has a number of projects on his plate. “Today when I look at that kind of work that I have, I feel kuch toh sahi kiya hoga maine early in my career that roles with the right spark are happening. Working with Meghna ma’am (Gulzar) is a dream of any newcomers and I got to play a pivotal in her next (Sam Bahadur). Also, I have Ishq Jhamela as a parallel lead followed by a war film with Akshar (Kumar) sir so, I think I am moving the right direction.”


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