Rohit Saraf: I want to try comedy, but it’s the hardest thing to do | Bollywood


Over the years, actor Rohit Saraf has created a strong base in showbiz, going on to get the tag of being ‘National Crush’. However, romance is not his preferred genre, it is comedy which he really wants to try going forward.

Rohit Saraf was present at a Skechers event in Delhi
Rohit Saraf was present at a Skechers event in Delhi

Saraf has starred in various romantic shows and movies, such as Mismatched, The Sky Is Pink (2019), Dear Zindagi (2016), and his upcoming Ishq Vishk Rebound is also a subject which deals with love.

Addressing the same, he shares that he isn’t scared of getting typecast. He says, “Versatility is one thing that I would like to be known for, because I do believe that I have it in me. That’s the reason why I’ve chosen scripts like Ludo, to become better, and I think that give me an opportunity to show my versatility. I love parts like those. Having said that, my preferred genre to do would be comedy. I always thought that I would not want to, because it’s the hardest thing to do”.

Saraf has worked in both the mediums — film industry and the OTT space. He admits that transitioning between different mediums is not at all challenging.

He says, “I don’t think the medium has anything to do with the challenges. In fact, there are no challenges when it comes to mediums. The only thing with different mediums is the reach, which is incredible. I really enjoy all mediums and I don’t approach any medium any differently. I approach characters and projects differently, but not mediums. Mujhe bas bahut saara kaam karna hai. I’m just excited about working, I don’t really have a preference in terms of medium.”

Did he face any challenges while shooting for back to back projects? “I think fatigue that comes with it is a big challenge. You are working on a tight schedule and running behind too many things. So, the fatigue that comes with it is a bit challenging. Rest everything is manageable,” he mentions.

At the moment, the actor is elated about starring in Ishq Vishk Rebound, the sequel of the 90’s rom-com Ishq Vishk, and the third season of his show Mismatched. He shares a special memory from the shoot of Ishq Vishk and says, “Ishq Vishk is close to my heart and one of the most special moments was shooting a song for it and I had the best time. I love it and I am really excited about that”.

As a youth icon, there has always been a curiosity around Saraf’s dating life and relationship status, about which he clearly says, “I am single.”


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