Ronit Roy on being ‘shortchanged’: Your scenes are cut because lead actor gets nervous, this sh*t happens | Bollywood


Ronit Roy has been around in showbiz for a very long time, and knows the ropes of the trade. And that includes roles being chopped. The actor, who was recently seen in the Shahid Kapoor-starrer Bloody Daddy, shares his experience, “There is much more left for me to do. In Bloody Daddy, I had a cutting edge role. Some films I am satisfied with, some I am not. You get short changed for whatever reasons. My scenes have been cut. If you cut an actor’s scene for length purposes or whatever, you are actually cutting important chunks in the script. It doesn’t feel good to an actor. You as a maker should deliver what you promised the actors. This sh*t happens in our industry.”

Actor Ronit Roy was recently seen in the film Bloody Daddy.
Actor Ronit Roy was recently seen in the film Bloody Daddy.

Roy, who has been a part of films such as Udaan, 2 States in integral roles, says the last time it (not being given what was promised) happened was recently, and there “some dissatisfaction” with his role. “But let’s not point fingers at anybody. We don’t know what pressure people go through. We need to digest it and move on,” he maintains. But how does he deal with a situation like this in that moment? It is sure to rile up anyone. “I don’t have time to deal with idiots, so I walk away. When you are shooting, you understand what is happening, so I dissociate myself at that point too. Shoot ke time samajh aa jata hai that the lead actor is getting nervous or insecure, and suddenly aapki script change hoke aati hai, lines gaayab ho jaati hain aapki. Life is too short, I move on to better things,” maintains the 57-year-old.

Shehzaada was a film which released recently, and his role as Kartik Aaryan’s character’s father was pretty small. Is he referring to that? “No, that was pretty much what we shot. It’s not that one is aiming to do a bigger role… of course, I want a big role in my films, but I am saying what you have been promised, that much should be there,” he ends.


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