Roya Mews prepare for King Charles coronation: Pictures, names revealed


Roya Mews prepare for King Charles coronation: Pictures, names revealed

As the coronation of King Charles III approaches, royal workers and other organisers are preparing for one of the most important parts of the event.

Royal family has shared interesting updates about the historic occasion on their official Twitter account, captioning: “On the streets of London, the Royal Mews have been practicing for Coronation day.”

They wrote alongside the clip: “The famous ‘Windsor Greys’ will pull Their Majesties’ Carriages on the day. Six horses; Icon, Shadow, Milford Haven, Echo, Knightsbridge and Tyrone will pull the Diamond Jubilee State Coach on the way to Westminster Abbey. Meg and Newark will join their stablemates to pull the Gold State Coach on the return to Buckingham Palace.”

In another tweet, the royal family also revealed the pictures and names of the horses that will perform the symbolic duty as per royal tradition.

They wrote: “These eight ‘Windsor Greys’ will be centre-stage on Saturday as they pull the Gold State Coach in the Coronation Procession.”

It is to mention here that the two coaches will be used during the ceremony, the Diamond Jubilee State Coach, which will take the King and Queen to Westminster Abbey in the morning, and the Gold State Coach, which will carry the Royals to Buckingham Palace following the coronation ceremony in an official procession.

Both will be drawn by several horses, with as many as eight horses pulling the Gold State Coach. Each has been used relatively recently in Jubilee celebrations for the late Queen, and both are maintained regularly by people working for the Royal household.


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