Sahil Salathia: Commercial films are launch pads for nepo kids and some are horrendous at what they do | Bollywood


Actor Sahil Salathia, who earned appreciation for his recent web series Adhura, is grateful that audiences liked him and credits OTT for giving him that platform to showcase his acting chops. However, he points out the explicit existence of nepotism in the industry that leads to a lot of bias, resulting in many actors getting a chance to star in big films.

Sahil Salathia was last seen in the web series Adhura
Sahil Salathia was last seen in the web series Adhura

“This is mostly when casting is being done for big-budget commercial films, you see mostly family kids being taken for main parts… A lot of times, it seems the roles are written for kids from film families, and that’s why main casting happens like that. These commercial films are like launch pads for nepo kids,” laments the actor.

The 35-year-old goes on to share the challenges faced by non-film family actors citing his own struggle and how the journey remains tougher for the outsiders. “The work that you are going to do will not be based on one phone call or on a meeting with your uncle or aunt, unless your parents themselves are from the industry. It’s not that your parents need to be a movie star, they just have to be from the industry to arrange meetings for you. It’s just about having that connection in the business, which helps you in your first step,” he states, further highlighting the unfair advantage star kids enjoy without necessarily having the required talent.

“There are many film family kids who are horrendous at what they do. Without naming, some are actually just good at working out, having an eight-pack or just doing gymnastics the entire day, but have zero talent. No dialogue delivery, no voice modulation, and the homework is zero. This is not your skill as an actor, like how high you can jump or how many rolls you can take in the air. If your eyes have zero depth, and on the screen, it is like a log of wood with an eight-pack, it doesn’t help. If you can be that bad and still be getting chances, then definitely it could have been easier for me as well,” he says.

Crediting streaming space for providing a level-playing field, the actor opines, “You see way more meaningful and substantial roles on the web. OTT is a huge blessing for everyone, because that’s where the content-driven scripts are, along with parts that are well-written as compared to commercial films.”

The actor, while acknowledging the charm of commercial potboilers, mentions that audience’s preferences have also significantly shifted. “They’ve become so smart. People are more interested in watching good and meaty content on OTT… that’s why we see OTT shows become so successful than commercial films,” he continues, “In fact, commercial films that are coming on OTT are not even getting good reviews, because their only idea is to present two or three actors in a glamorous way, and nobody is interested in watching that. People want stories, characters, and things that they can relate to,” he ends.


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