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Veteran Saira Banu opened up about Dilip Kumar’s love for rain in her latest post. She also talked about how it plays an important role in their love story and recalled memories of the night when Dilip Kumar proposed to her for marriage. She shared some unseen photos of them enjoying rain together. Also read: Saira Banu calls Dilip Kumar’s performance in Sagina ‘spell-binding

Did you know Dilip Kumar used to call Saira Banu every time during rain?
Did you know Dilip Kumar used to call Saira Banu every time during rain?

Saira on her childhood memories

Saira wrote, “Rain rain go to Spain! As a 7-year-old girl child schooling in London, we all chanted this line in chorus with my friends ceremoniously! Heaven knows why but this was so common with the erratic English weather… you never know when the sun shines and next the rain. This was the common chant with us kids.”

“As for my family here back in Mumbai and later on as I wedded Dilip Sahib… We all loved the rain. The first shower was always a celebration and each one of us would rush to our garden terraces to soak up in the first downpour of the season and we would place huge drums of utensils to collect the pure pristine water! Now, I am told that there are concerns about drinking rainwater because new recent studies show that there are plastic contamination environmental pollutants and bacterial parasites in the water that can make you sick,” she added.

Saira Banu, Dilip Kumar and rain

The senior actor went on to talk about how much Dilip Kumar loved the rain. In fact, he proposed to her on a rainy night. She shared, “Sahib loved the rain and if he was out of the house in a meeting and there would be a first shower…he would immediately call me with delight, ‘Saira it’s raining!’ Infact, many years ago as we walked by Juhu Beach in the quiet of a wondrous night, there was a sudden shower of rain and he protectively took off his jacket and draped it around my shoulders… that was the magical night that we sat in his car and he asked me… ‘Will you marry me?’” They got married on October 11 in 1966.

She also treated fans to more anecdotes about Dilip Kumar. “In later years, he happily bought a beautiful land at a hill station in Maharashtra… Sahib was always a farmer at heart, the proud son of a much respected Pathan fruit merchant in Peshawar,” she said.

“We would walk miles in the rain on the stony and green land geared up with our umbrellas dressed protectively in our mackintoshes, picking up shiny grazed pebbles and throwing them as far as we could in competition outdoing each other… of course, Sahib would always win… I always ran and collected these stones… and I still have and cherish each stone that he flew to the wind,” Saira walked down memory lane.

Saira’s post has left her fans nostalgic. Dilip Kumar died in Mumbai on July 7, 2021, at 98 after a prolonged illness.


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