Sam Asghari ‘didn’t like constant hangouts’ of Britney Spears with men


Sam Asghari didnt like constant hangouts of Britney Spears with men
Sam Asghari ‘didn’t like constant hangouts’ of Britney Spears with men

It is imperative to state that Sam Asghari had numerous confrontations with Britney Spears over her persistent hangouts with multiple men. 

The behind-the-scenes revelations of these fights have been disclosed by OK magazine.

According to said source, “Sam really didn’t like her hanging out with other men.”

Britney’s interactions with her manager, Cade Hudson, were extremely difficult and unacceptable for her ex-husband.

“Sam thought she and Cade, who really is just a pal, hooked up and [he] confronted her about it,” the same insider disclosed during the course of their chat.

Even though “she denied it, but he didn’t believe her, and she ended up in tears.”

“That night, she told him it was over and kicked him out,” the insider also noted.

Before concluding, however, the inside source also noted, “It wasn’t a perfect union, not by a long shot,” because “there was a lot of mistrust.”

For those unversed, by February of this year, Spears’ inner circle had “grown concerned” for her wellbeing and was preparing to perform an intervention, which was later postponed.

Rumours of the couple’s marital problems first surfaced in March, but Asghari’s representative quickly shot them off.

Cohen explained to People magazine that Asghari took off his ring because he was filming a movie in response to images that showed Asghari and Spears without their wedding bands. 

Asghari claimed in November that he had been cast in the Taylor Sheridan-produced television series Lioness, albeit it was unclear what movie he was filming at the time.


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