Sameera Reddy reveals being body shamed even today: People think it’s their birthright to comment on a woman’s body | Bollywood


Sameera Reddy, known for being open about her struggle with postpartum depression, said in a recent interview that people around her were “unforgiving” about her weight gain after she had her son, Hans, in 2015. Speaking to us, the actor-turned-social media influencer tells us that it’s unfortunate that she gets to hear such comments from strangers even today.

Sameera Reddy was trolled a lot during her postpartum period
Sameera Reddy was trolled a lot during her postpartum period

recently revealed in one of her Instagram posts that a vegetable seller had commented on the changes in her physical appearance after she delivered her first baby in 2015. And shockingly, Reddy says, she gets to hear such comments from absolute strangers, even today.

“Forget about my postpartum weight… that was long back. A while ago, I was at the airport where the security guard, on checking my Aadhar card commented, ‘Madam, aap bahut badal chuke ho’. So, it (being body shamed) is not about postpartum, but it is everywhere,” says Reddy, who welcomed her daughter, Nyra, in 2019.

While the Race (2008) has “stopped feeling bad” about these comments, she admits “things were hard” after she had her son.

“That was the first time I experienced the harsh reality of our society, especially in India. Everyone wanted to have an opinion and wanted to voice it loud. Basically, they think it’s their birthright [to comment on a woman’s body]. We all go through it,” states Reddy, who stepped away from showbiz after her wedding to entrepreneur Akshai Varde in 2014.

Though gradually Reddy took the path of self-acceptance, she credits her husband for being her constant support during the tough period.

The 44-year-old shares, “My husband would tell me, ‘It’s an image that you had created in people’s mind (through films) and that’s what they look up to. So, it’s their innocence that;’s making them say this. You have to forgive and let it go.’ It was very kind of my husband to put it like that because it is something I hold with me now, wherever I go. If someone says something nasty or passes a comment, because they compare me from what I had portrayed (onscreen) before, I try to forgive, and move on.”

Reddy points that it’s not always the society and strangers who make uncalled for comments on one’s body and weight, but even the people closest to you can, at times, be judgemental.

“It’s unfortunate and it impacts everyone. Within households also, we see people pass comments on your weight gain or weight loss. Physical appearance is something that we all have to deal with, especially women. Being in the limelight is harder, but I am pretty sure everyone goes through it and it’s painful,” empathises Reddy, who has been a part of films such as No Entry (2005), Race (2008) and De Dana Dan (2009).

The actor turned digital content creator and social media influencer acknowledges and applauds girls nowadays who manage to bounce back after hearing all mean things about their weight.

“All body types are different, and we have to be particularly kind towards a new mother. Sometimes, it’s hard to bounce back, because you all need your time to heal emotionally and physically. Everybody should be given that choice. There is no formula on how you should look after giving birth. People forget that giving birth is a miracle,” asserts Reddy.


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