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Sana Khan, who gave birth to her baby boy recently, took to Instagram to share how the family welcomed her and the baby home with her husband giving her a pleasant surprise. She shared a small video on her Instagram to mark the occasion of her baby coming home. (Also read: Sana Khan shares first glimpse of newborn son, introduces him to Quran)

Sana Khan, carrying her baby in her arms, shared the decorations at home in her new Instagram post.
Sana Khan, carrying her baby in her arms, shared the decorations at home in her new Instagram post.

Sana brings her baby home

In the video which the former actor took to post on Instagram, she was seen holding her baby- named Tariq Jamil, in her arms, while showing the beautiful decorations in her house. The room was filled with white and blue balloons, with butterfly stickers all around. Sana was seen showing the decorations and smiling at the camera. In the caption, she wrote: “Warm n Humble Welcome for our Jigar ka tukda (blue heart emoticon) Saiyad Tariq Jamil MASHALLAH (stars emoticon) JazakAllah khair @anas_saiyad20 for this beautiful suprise. I m surprised u managed this on ur own (laughing face emoticons)”

First glimpse

In her previous post, Sana had shared a glimpse of her baby boy for the first time. A video showed Tariq in his crib with a mobile on top of it. As the soft plush clouds and stars moved above him, Tariq fussed in the crib under a blanket. The mobile seemed to be playing an aayat from Quran. “Introducing my baby to Quran from day 1,” she wrote in the post. Another video showed Tariq clutching his father’s finger. “With Baba @anas_saiyad20,” Sana wrote.

Sana’s baby announcement

It was in March 2023, when Sana had confirmed her pregnancy news in an interview. She said: “I’m looking forward to it. Obviously, it’s a different journey altogether. Bohot emotionally bhi thoda mere liye as a woman ek up and down both chalta rehta hai (Emotionally, I have been facing many ups and downs). But I think it’s a beautiful journey. I’m waiting to have my baby in my arms… that’s it.”

Then, on July 5, Sana made the announcement of her baby’s arrival. “May Allah make us the best version of ourselves for our Baby. Behtareen banna hai Allah ki amanat. JazakAllah khair for your love and duas that have made our hearts and souls happy on this beautiful journey,” she wrote.

Sana is known for featuring in Bigg Boss 6 and Salman Khan’s film Jai Ho. She quit her acting career before she married Anas in November 2020.


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