Sandeepa Dhar on her Delhi visit: I was not big on street shopping until I experienced Janpath market | Bollywood


It was a breezy afternoon in Delhi when actor Sandeepa Dhar took a break from her shoot schedule, to decided to join HT City for a shopping haul at the famous Janpath street market. With a childlike excitement, she hopped from one shop to another and discovered the shopping bug in herself.

Sandeepa Dhar went on a shopping spree at Delhi’s Janpath market
Sandeepa Dhar went on a shopping spree at Delhi’s Janpath market

“This was my first time exploring the shops at Janpath market, and I was pleasantly surprised by the whole vibe. I got so carried away because I saw really nice stuff which I picked up for myself. It turned out to be a good shopping spree kind of a day,” Dhar tells us in a candid chat later.

From jewellery, clothes and juttis and handicraft items, the actor checked out everything on display and was totally in awe of the variety available.

“Everything was so nice, and at such amazing prices!” she exclaims, adding, “Imagine I bought these stunning jhumkas for just 50, which is an absolute steal. I was not big on street shopping until I went to Janpath, and went crazy.”

Having spent just a few hours at the flea market located in the heart of the Capital, the 34-year-old confesses she’s totally in love with it.

“I found it to be a perfect place to chill with friends because you can shop a little bit and then eat great food,” says Dhar, who also tried piping hot momos and famous cold coffee from D’Pauls.

The Mai actor was in Delhi for the past two months for a shoot schedule of her upcoming project, and she reveals that during her stay, she not only stumbled upon her love for shopping, but food as well.

“What I love most about being in Delhi is the food. No matter where I’ve eaten here, be it the cheapest place or the most expensive place, I’ve got some amazing tasty delicacies. I’ve become a humongous fan of Delhi food now,” she gushes.

Touched by the fact that “people in Delhi love to feed others with a lot of warmth,” Dhar adds that she tried a lot of street food items during her stay. “From Nagpal ke chole bhature, Dolma Aunty ke momos, gol gappas at Bengali market to kebabs from Khan Chacha, I ordered food from these places repeatedly,” she says.

Besides the food and shopping, Dhar also got to experience firsthand why Delhi is called ‘dilwalon ki dilli’. As she walked past several shops, making occasional stops to try on a dupatta or jutti, her heel broke, and she found a cobbler just by her side to help her. “That would never be the case in Mumbai,” she tells us, adding, “I find a lot of inspiration in Delhi and its culture. What is very interesting is that Delhi has a whole array of people from Punjab, Haryana, UP, and Rajasthan — each with different personalities and way of living. Each one is quite a character to study. I just love the vibrancy of this place.”

Wrapping up, Dhar confesses that she’s taking back a part of Delhi in her heart. “There is so much to take from this city. Also, I see a certain inherent confidence that Delhiites have, and that’s the striking difference between Delhi and Mumbai. I spent two months shooting here, and I’m surely taking some of these characteristics with me,” she concludes.


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