Sarah Ferguson pulls back curtain on Princess Diana’s ‘attraction’ to Prince Andrew


Princess Diana reportedly had strong feelings for Prince Andrew, Sarah Fergusons ex-husband
Princess Diana reportedly had strong feelings for Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson’s ex-husband

Sarah Ferguson has lifted the lid on Princess Diana’s relationship with estranged royal Prince Andrew.

In her finale for Tea Talks With The Duchess and Sarah the royal addressed rumours of Princess Diana having ‘the hots’ for her ex-husband Prince Andrew.

Her co-host Sarah Thomson quizzed the royal: “There’s two stories I want to ask you because they may be rubbish, but I’ve read them and I’ve got to ask you. One is that Diana had the hots for Prince Andrew and had pictures of him up. Is it rubbish?”

Replying to the question, the Duchess of York dispelled talks of any potential romance brewing between the two and instead offered insight into their relationship. 

She detailed that the two enjoyed a close relationship and complemented the disgraced Duke of York saying that he is “the best-looking prince”.

“What a load of rubbish. Diana really always got on very well with him, and I say that he’s certainly the best-looking prince.”

The royal was also questioned about Princess Diana’s mother being courted by Sarah’s father, which she completely denied were untrue. 

“And then the other one was, which I’m sure you’re going to tell me is rubbish as well, is that your father asked Diana’s mother to marry him?,” Thomson asked.

“Rubbish too,” she responded while adding, “Although Diana’s mother and my mother were at school together and we were all very close, but that’s rubbish.”


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