Sushmita Sen opens up about finding love, says she feels ‘complete’ in herself | Bollywood


Sushmita Sen is soaking in the reception for her latest web series Taali. In an interview with Humans of Bombay, Sushmita candidly opened up about her idea of love and how its not about projecting but to ‘love another is to love yourself.’ Sushmita also talked about how she considers her freedom to be a very important aspect in her life overall. (Also read: Sushmita Sen’s daughters told her they ‘don’t want a father’ when she floated the idea of her marriage)

Sushmita Sen spoke about her perspective on love in a recent interview.
Sushmita Sen spoke about her perspective on love in a recent interview.

Sushmita on finding validation

Sushmita spoke candidly about her career so far in an interview with Humans of Bombay where she also opened up about her definition of love and how she sees it. When asked whether she tends to seek validation like so many women out there, she said, “So the idea that I have been able to find happiness in this space is because I am also built that way. I believe in… nothing in life is more important than my freedom… very important to me. My freedom to be who I am, to choose the voice I want to speak with… I was 18 once and the world was all about ‘somebody will complete me’ kind of scenario. I am complete in myself. If someone can help enhance that feeling of completion, that would be lovely. I don’t need that for completion. When you need validation you must have the courage to stand infront of the mirror. That’s the only validation you need.”

Sushmita on love

In the same interview, Sushmita also talked about how she defines love and said, “Oh its everything. Its what I am made of, that’s how closely I associate with that word. It is not that love that you project or feel but the love you are. That to me is love, that everything you do in your life with that ‘who you are’ feeling. So to even love another is to love yourself. There is that self love that I speak of… is on a cellular level.”

Sushmita plays the role of Shreegauri Sawant in the web series Taali, which is based on the life and struggles of the transgender activist. In real life, Sushmita is a mother of two–Renee and Alisah. She adopted Renee in 2000 and later brought Alisah as her second adopted daughter in 2010.


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