‘Tangled’ live-action remake- Magical new adaptation in the works


Live-Action Tangled remake reportedly in development.
 Live-Action ‘Tangled’ remake reportedly in development.

Disney set its sights on bringing another beloved fairy tale to life on the big screen.

Tangled the latest project in development is a live-action adaptation of the timeless tale of Rapunzel according to reports.

The original animated film was released in 2010, making it relatively recent compared to other Disney classics. 

As of now, the details surrounding the production are being kept under wraps, leaving fans eagerly speculating about potential cast selections and who might be at the helm as director. 

Disney’s CEO Bob Iger is facing criticism from fans who believe that the company has lost touch with its audience. 

Once hailed as a hero, Iger’s reputation seems to have taken a hit as Disney struggles to connect with its fan base.

The latest announcement that the animated film Moana will receive a live-action remake has left fans shocked and puzzled. 

Even the news about a live-action remake of Lilo and Stitch, though less shocking, hasn’t been without controversy. 

It seems that Disney’s reliance on existing properties to create content is becoming tiresome for fans, who yearn for fresh and original stories.

Amidst a flurry of controversies and criticisms surrounding Disney’s live-action remakes, the recent success of The Little Mermaid provided some respite for the studio. 

Despite the mixed reception to their remakes, it appears that Disney is undeterred and intends to continue revamping their classic titles. 


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