Travis Scott clowned in a Batman costume, throwback


Travis Scott deactivates Instagram after Halloween costume controversy.
Travis Scott deactivates Instagram after Halloween costume controversy.

Travis Scott deactivated his Instagram account following a Halloween costume debacle and trolls in 2020.

Rewind to November 2020, and you might recall the moment when rapper Travis Scott made headlines by deleting his Instagram account. The catalyst for this unexpected exit? It all revolved around his unique take on the iconic Batman costume.

What was meant to be a tribute to the Caped Crusader quickly turned into a social media storm.

Trolls took to various platforms to mock Travis Scott’s interpretation, likening him to a cockroach rather than the revered crime-fighting hero of Gotham City.

It seems that even years after the fact, fans just can’t resist bringing up Travis Scott’s infamous Batman costume from Halloween 2020.

The jesting continued as fans couldn’t help but reference the costume once more on Kylie Jenner’s Halloween post in 2021.

Kylie on Instagram, shared a photo of herself in full Halloween spirit, donning a spooky Michael Myers mask, a nod to the iconic horror film. In her caption, she wished her followers a safe night in her “full mommy mode” Halloween attire.

However, the ever-memorable Batman costume of Travis Scott couldn’t be forgotten.

Fans took to the comments section, playfully asking, “Where is Batman?” while others quipped, “Where is Batman Trav?”

The humor persisted with comments like “Travis statue” and the timeless comparison of his attire to that of a cockroach, proving that some moments in pop culture are simply unforgettable.


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