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Shah Rukh Khan is known for his witty one-liners. During the promotions of the Rohit Shetty film Chennai Express (2013), the actor had cracked a joke, when Deepika Padukone answered a fan question about all the household chores she can do. Shah Rukh had said that they don’t take Deepika in movies for her acting talent, but for her ability to do chores such as cleaning-dusting etc. Also read: Vivek Agnihotri accuses Shah Rukh Khan, Karan Johar of ‘damaging India’s cultural fabric’, internet calls him Mr Kangana

Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan on sets of The Kapil Sharma Show in 2013.
Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan on sets of The Kapil Sharma Show in 2013.

Shah Rukh Khan on Deepika’s skills

A video clip from the actors’ visit to The Kapil Sharma Show in 2013 was shared on Reddit recently with the caption, “Miss Gharelu (homely).” It shows a man from the audience asking Deepika if she can do any household chores.

The actor replied, “Sab jaanti hu khana pakana, barta dhona, saaf safai karna, kapde dhona, katka marna, dusting karna, jhadu pocha. Sab chees (I know everything like cooking, washing utensils, cleaning, doing laundry and wiping the floor).”

As Deepika went on and on counting the chores she can do, Shah Rukh interrupted and left everyone in splits. He said, “Hum bhi filmo mein acting ke liye thodi na lete hain, ye aake set saaf-suf karle (We also don’t take her in films for her acting prowess, we take her so that she can clean the set).”

Reactions to the clip

The post received mixed reactions from the Reddit users. A person wrote, “Only women get these questions. Nobody calls SRK or RS (Shah Rukh Khan or Ranveer Singh) gharelu and ask them it they know how to cook or clean. Phir kehte (then they say) patriarchy and sexism aren’t real.”

A person who expected a response to Shah Rukh’s remark from Deepika wrote, “I was waiting for a comeback, Deepika.” One more wrote, “She’s the highest paid actress with net worth in 100s of crores… but of course she HAS to cook and clean because… AURAT (woman)!!”

Calling it Shah Rukh’s method of shutting the person, who asked the question, a Reddit user wrote, “When is he not witty/funny?! Isme bhi (here as well) he showed the person the irrelevance of his stupid question.” One more called it a lame question in the name of funny.

Shah Rukh and Deepika were last seen in this year’s biggest blockbuster Pathaan. It collected over 500 crores at the domestic box office. Shah Rukh is now gearing up for the release of his film Jawan with Nayanthara, while Deepika will soon be seen in Fighter with Hrithik Roshan.


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